Startup Rule #3

If you are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid a 40 hours a week job, then and only then you are suited for a start-up.

PhotoBlog- Trek in Dalhousie

An awesome trek comes to the end, 50,000+ steps, 3,000+ feet up and down, 1,000+ photographs(2000+ counting Arya’s selfies), a lost phone and a lot of memories.

Truly, an awesome experience, it was.

Let’s, check out some photographs.

Oooooh, this view still gives me the chills.


Notice anything? These are the clouds! Ha! We are heaven.


The squad ready to roll!


Pure bliss!


That’s me sitting on a mountain top corner!


As they say, everything good comes to an end.
The trek came to the end. But will live forever in our hearts. 🙂