PhotoBlog- Trek in Dalhousie

An awesome trek comes to the end, 50,000+ steps, 3,000+ feet up and down, 1,000+ photographs(2000+ counting Arya’s selfies), a lost phone and a lot of memories. Truly, an awesome experience, it was. Let’s, check out some photographs. Oooooh, this view still gives me the chills. Notice anything? These are the clouds! Ha! We are […]

How I created an API in less than an HOUR!

Check out the API on Okay, first things first, 2 days back one of my friends asked me to help in building an application where he was using some API to make calls and do some “stuff”. Sure, I helped him. But with that I was wondering what would it take to build an API […]

Follow a post without commenting ‘#’ or ‘#following’. (Facebook)

A lot of people do this(image below) to follow a post/status from certain groups and pages, but there is an easy way to do that. It’s a two-step-process and you can follow any post discreetly. Here it goes. 0. Go to the post you want to follow. 1. Click on that(marked in image) icon. 2. […]