List of Youtube channels that I follow and you should too

Below are some of the Youtube channels I follow, educational or infotainment. All of them are Highly Recommended. Note: Alphabetical order. Description provided by the channel.   a16z 73 videos This is the videos channel for Andreessen Horowitz (aka “a16z”), a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm that invests in software eating the world.

Follow a post without commenting ‘#’ or ‘#following’. (Facebook)

A lot of people do this(image below) to follow a post/status from certain groups and pages, but there is an easy way to do that. It’s a two-step-process and you can follow any post discreetly. Here it goes. 0. Go to the post you want to follow. 1. Click on that(marked in image) icon. 2. […]

Android ‘L’

Perfect!At this level, with so much innovations already done by Google, it’s the minor things that matter. Now, you don’t need features like active notifications and whatnot because they are already there, you just need to make them more user-friendly, easy and intuitive. The things done with ‘L’ to bring android features to various device […]

Deep Web, a brief tour

Deep web or the invisible web is the part of the internet/web that is/can not be indexed by the search Engines! Means anything that even Google cannot find is ‘Deep web’. 😛 Yeah there is Something which, even Google can’t find! DATA –  The Deep Web contains 7500 Terabytes of information. The Surface Web, in comparison, contains […]